5 Things You Should Never Say To Your London Escort

Escorts don’t come from a different planet. They are like regular human beings and they live among us. While some people are absolutely confident about hiring a London Escort, some first timers tend to get nervous. There are people who hire an escort just out of curiosity or when the party goes crazy. It’s okay to be nervous and the escorts are experienced at helping their clients feel at ease. However, if you are planning to hire an escort for the first time, here are a few things you should never say to your escort.

Your escort will be polite and willing to make you happy even if you say those things but we hope this article will help you respect their sentiments as well.

#1 “You Look Different In Real Life Than In Pictures”

After you have spent half of the evening together, it’s really impolite to tell the escort that she does not look like her pictures. Most of these girls work with agencies that hire professional photographers to shoot a portfolio for them. These photographers spend a lot of time to get that right pose and perfect look. Just like other individuals, it’s not possible for an escort look exactly like she did in a professional photo. If you really want to bring up the thing tell her that her pictures on the website are really attractive and she will know what you mean.

#2 “I Am Sure This Was Your Best Experience”

This is a rather funny statement some first timers may say to the escorts. Let’s not forget that this is her job and she has been with more men than you can imagine. You are not here to prove your skills at satisfying the woman. There is no need to impress her because she is already willing to make you happy. Regardless of whether you are good or bad at making love, she will ensure that you feel satisfied and all your whims are fulfilled. If you really wish to find out what the escort feels about you, simply ask her whether she enjoyed herself and if you can do anything else. When you respect her feelings as her, she will be more willing to see you again.

#3 “I Thought You Would Do Anything”

It’s true that escorts services are meant to make you happy and feel on the on the top of the world. However, this does not mean that you cross the lady’s borderlines or make her uncomfortable. You cannot expect her to do anything for you simply because you are paying the money. There are some escorts who choose only to provide girlfriend experience or accompany clients for dinner dates or business trip. They may or may not want to include a sexual encounter and you must respect her decision. If you hired an escort only for sexual pleasure, make this clear at the time of booking.

#4 “You Are Not Like I Imagined”

Let’s say you saw an escort’s picture and found her extremely attractive, however she doesn’t look the same when she turns up at the door or at an agreed place. If you are not pleased with her looks or any other reason, send her away. If you accept her anyway, don’t disgrace her by saying that she’s not as attractive as you imagined. As you know her better, you may realize how well you get along with the lady so don’t miss the opportunity by judging a book by its cover.

#5 “Stay Longer”

Please remember that you are not an exclusive client of a London Escort and she may have other appointments as well. She will stay with you only for the time agreed and the money you pay. If you delay, she may charge you extra for the time or refuse to stay as she may have other clients waiting. Many escorts may oblige and stay, but if she doesn’t don’t get mad at her. This is her job and she needs to stick to her schedule.