Cannabis Oils 101: The Beneficial Guide

Cannabis extracts, concentrates and oils serve as an umbrella term under which you can find a variety of products – hash, CBD Oils, tinctures, vape oil, dabs and others. A concentrate, extract or oil is a product derived from the hemp flower by processing into a concentrated form. However, each type of CBD oil is different and unique.

The question is that why you should consider concentrates when you have already tried the bud. While the flower is good, there are reasons to explore other alternatives available in extract form.

  • You need not smoke extracts. Most people ingest or vaporize concentrates to get a smoke-less dose.
  • CBD Oils are efficient just like CBD pre rolls. One can achieve the desired effect with a lesser product.
  • Cannabis extracts are refined. Cannabinoids and essential oils are separated from the plant material to give a clean, smooth vape.

Types of Cannabis Oils

Let us discuss the types of cannabis concentrate options available to consumers. Here is a broad categorization of the cannabis oils to familiarize you with the types:

  • CBD Oils are non-intoxicating products popularly used to treat a number of health conditions. It is sold in the form of capsules or tinctures.
  • THC Oil refers to intoxicating oils which are also used medicinally but come with euphoric effects. THC-infused oils are available in various forms, the most popular of them being solids which can be vaped, capsules and tinctures.
  • Ingestible Oils are activated oils that you can consume with food and drinks or in the capsule form.
  • Vaporizer Cartridges are simple to use, portable oil attachments that work with a battery. It is actually an e-cig but with cannabis.

Finding the Right Cannabis Product for you

Each of the cannabis extracts serves a unique purpose and type of consumers. Considering these factors, our recommendations for the use of concentrates and CBD Oils are:

  • Beginners – Those who are new to the world of cannabis extracts can start with low doses of CBD and hemp oil, Kief, Rick Simpson Oil, Vape oil, tinctures, ingestible oil capsules, hash and other forms of cannabis extracts to see what works best for them. These extracts are administered differently and work differently in the body. Effects of these products are also different and each person experiences them in a unique way.
  • Intermediate – Users who are ready to try something more than vape pens and tinctures can look for additional cannabis extracts to see how they work for them. Solvent-based extracts like BHO, CO2 Oil, Distillate and others are extracted through different processes and can be consumed through vape cartridges or dabs. The other types of extracts are solventless like dry sift, ice water hash, rosin and others.
  • Expert – True cannabis enthusiasts can try cutting-edge products like trim run, nug run, live resin, full spectrum extracts, isolates, sauce, diamonds and others to experience the best of cannabis effects in a variety of ways. These high-quality extracts offer the benefits and effects that only a connoisseur can appreciate.

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Why Canada’s Mail Order Cannabis Business Doesn’t Go Away?

When the legalization of weed was first proposed in Canada in 2015, one of the many benefits promised to the Canadians was a reduced organized crime. The reduction in crime was supposed to result from cannabis business profit shifting from criminals to government and legal businesses. However, now that cannabis is legalized, there are no signs of illegal distributors shutting down their operations. Many businesses, in fact, appear to be operating not just in the present but for the future as well.

The online black market for weed has been dominated by mail order marijuana businesses. These businesses offer alternatives to Canadians for the marijuana products available legally. Online sale has made it more convenient for Canadians to purchase cannabis right from the comfort of their home. Governments have realized the present demand and opened their own online stores to take over the market.

According to analysts, online sale of cannabis could increase by up to a third after its legalization. This, in part, is because no legal brick and mortar retailer would be operating in Nunavut and Ontario for some more time. However, the ability of retailers to compete with illegal mail order marijuana distributors offering lower prices, incentives like discounts and wider selection is questionable. The attractive advantages they offer can appeal to a number of Canadians to buy from the black market.

The online black market certainly has an advantage over legal retailers. Due to a need for research and education on edibles and concentrates, provinces have not yet legalized these products, giving rise to an increase in illegal operations. In Colorado, concentrates account for about 30 percent while edibles nearly 15 percent of the market. As these two markets grew considerably after legalization, the market for dried flower has fallen by about 25 percent. These numbers are very close in other legal states and show the realistic picture of the marijuana industry in Canada.

Legal marijuana also struggles with pricing offered by online mail order marijuana in Canada. A glance at the online distributors shows that the pricing is friendlier to consumers not only as they don’t levy taxes but also because they offer a lower price per gram on an average. Legal marijuana retailers are not able to compete with the heavy discounts offered by black market sellers. Consumers can buy cannabis for as little as $3.40 per gram when buying in quantities.

Being aware of the opportunity, black market mail order marijuana sellers invest and operate in business with the intention of luring Canadians to purchase from them instead of the legal retailers. These businesses are clearly making concentrated efforts to convince Canadians that illegal marijuana sold by mail order is their best option.

Canadians seem to be responding to the black market’s message. It is expected that few of the consumers buying marijuana from black market will consider moving to legal weed. It is only through offering a wider variety of marijuana products and loosening the regulations that legal retailers can compete with these black market retailers.